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2 Remarkable New Features

November 1, 2021

2 Remarkable New Features

Click Here for a 30 second video showing 2 remarkable new dock bumper features! The SLIDE-effect® dock bumper delivers many benefits and could be the last bumper you ever buy.

Limits friction & abrasion
The SLIDE-effect® patent-pending sliding mechanism allows the bumper to move effortlessly with the truck’s movement and eliminate the cheese-grater-like friction that shreds conventional dock bumpers.

Avoid costly dock repairs
Dock bumpers protect everything at your dock, from dock levelers to dock seals. Investing in high quality protection like the SLIDE-effect®, minimizes the need for costly dock equipment repairs and downtime.

Lifetime Warranty
The investment is protected by a lifetime warranty, providing the lowest ownership cost of any dock bumper solution.

Extra bonus: The SLIDE-effect® uses recycled truck tires, keeping two tires out of landfill with every bumper we manufacture!

We take our bumper game seriously, but never ourselves. Watch our fun 30 second product video by clicking here. And if you haven’t seen our “FRICTION… it’s a killer” video already, click here.

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