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Out with the old and in with the new (again)! 

On March 1st we retired our IRONguard brand and are re-engaging the marketplace with our Ideal Warehouse Innovations name.  For several years we have sold our main product line under the IRONguard brand name. As we have expanded globally into more markets and more languages, having two names has proven to create unnecessary confusion. 

In support of growing business (thanks to all of you!), from now on we’ll be showcasing our great, market-leading lineup of warehouse and industrial workplace safety products under the Ideal Warehouse Innovations brand.

This exciting change won’t affect anything that IRONguard has become known for. Our products, our people, our product innovation, our management, our quick-turn around times... are all still on board.

We do, however, have a huge arsenal of updated tools to share with you.


Distributor Site:     

Designed with you, our channel partners, in mind, this is where you will spend most of your time.  All brochures, drawings, installation instructions, application guides and pricing can be found here quickly and easily.  Here are a few of the improvements we’ve made to make the new site easier to navigate and use:

  • New MegaNav product menu – just hover over the menu and you get to any product page with one click.
  • All our support documents (drawings, installation guides, literature, etc.) are now on each product page for easier access.
  • Our quote request tool now saves your inputted information so the next time you return your info will auto-populate.
  • Our new Search Feature makes searching for a product a breeze!
  • Need to find the right dock bumper? Just go to the product page and either search by application, or if you know what model/size you need, quickly find it in the easy-to-navigate chart.  Plus, your approval drawing is right there!

End User Site:          

Although our end user site looks very similar to the distributor site, you’ll see the information here is more focused on the product story and less on the details.  Copy links from here to send to your customers!


Our newly branded and fully optimized site is now live here: Ideal Warehouse Innovations Inc. YouTube Channel

Browse and share links of newly updated product videos (in both English, Spanish and some French)!


Our go-anywhere Mobile Sales Platform is now fully re-branded and is as quick and easy to use as always. 


All our product literature and binders are updated and re-branded!  Use this form to send your request to our Customer Service Team and receive our newly minted materials.

We’re here to help.

We’re excited to share our new brand!  Got questions?  Please contact us through your usual representative or just give us a call at: 1-866-828-6737 (North America) or 1-905-850-2155 (International) and we’ll help any way we can.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations.  Protecting your People.