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New Knuffi® Bumper Guards

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Easy to install almost anywhere, Knuffi® Bumper Guards protect goods, gear and people from bumps, bruises, costly damage and serious injury.  And now there is a new profile and 2 new installation options!

Knuffi®’s Y profile is extra durable with a hollow core that absorbs even more impact.  Made of a newly developed PUR foam, this profile can be applied in high traffic areas and provides stronger protection from hits.

Perfect for fridges and freezers, Knuffi®’s Frost provides all the protection of our standard Knuffi® Bumper Guards but can be installed in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C).

Knuffi® Removable takes reusability to the next level!  This innovative adhesive allows for removal and reattachment up to 5 times.

Knuffi® Bumper Guards amazing range of profiles, colors and installation options continue to grow.  Click here for more details.

Protection almost anywhere with Knuffi®.