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360° Aisle Signal

September 1, 2022

360° Aisle Signal

Accidents are waiting to happen in a busy warehouse due to distracted workers and endless blind spots. To combat this, Ideal Warehouse Innovations 360° Aisle Signal has eyes everywhere a worker or pedestrian doesn’t.

With sensors and LED lights on every side, the 360° Aisle Signal is able to see danger approaching from all directions. The bright visual warning makes the situated unit resolve every active intersection and turns a dangerous situation into a much safer area.

How it works:
When a sensor detects a moving object approaching from any of its sides, the sensor will trigger the unit to flash its center light and the sideways facing light (90° from the oncoming traffic), knowing that a possible accident would happen if a warning wasn’t issued.

Cost-effective, easy installation and a standard 110V make this unit an ultimate solution to collision avoidance in a facility. In every area that is a potential hazard, rely on the 360° Aisle Signal to increase protection at any facility because the degree of safety should always be 360°.

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