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A bumper (or two) for every dock, but how to choose?

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Dock bumpers are a crucial part of any loading and unloading operation. They prevent significant damage being caused to the loading dock, trailer or building. However, did you know that every dock is different and may require a different bumper? Just installing a dock bumper is not enough, it also needs to be the correct bumper for the dock. Installing a bumper that is the wrong size or has been designed for a different environment, will leave the building owner vulnerable to costly damage and downtime.

Fortunately, we’ve got over 500 SKUs of warranty-backed bumpers, and here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right one for each application:

Steel-Faced Bumpers

  • Great for heavy use docks and docks receiving air-ride trailers or yard jockeys.
  • Perfect for docks with an incline or decline.
  • Strong, 3/8” steel face prevents abrasion from up and down movement.
  • Gap between the free-floating face plate and rubber laminates slows impact speed.
  • Durable rubber laminates cushion impact.

Laminated Bumpers

  • Ideal for use on medium traffic docks.
  • Tough, laminated truck tire construction resists abrasion.
  • Outperforms recycled conveyor belt styles.
  • 3/8” steel angles provide maximum strength.

Molded Bumpers

  • Perfect for use on low traffic/low impact docks.
  • An economical and flexible option.
  • Made from tough rubber composite.

Size matters.

Our models come in hundreds of standard sizes. Additionally, our thick bumpers and customized bracketing can provide extra projection on docks with declined approaches or overhangs. Furthermore, Steel-Faced and Laminated Bumpers have vertical, horizontal, and extra-wide variations. We also offer models with anchor plates on both sides, just one side, or without anchor plates for welding applications. So whatever the dock shape, we’ve got a bumper to fit.

We’ve even created a handy survey, to make choosing the correct bumper as easy as possible:

Click here for our Dock Bumper Application Survey

Still can’t decide which bumper is right?

Contact one of our helpful professionals