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Air. On The Safe Side.

August 1, 2023

Air. On The Safe Side.

Devastating wildfires have blanketed many parts of North America with poor air quality. The urge to create and improve air quality control standards is at an all-time high. A breath of fresh thinking is the driving force behind our Air Quality Control product line. Wildfires are just one of many contributing factors to poor air quality. Viruses, bacteria, allergens and many other pollutants are contributing to poor employee health, wellness and comfort.

Which air filtration system is right for you?

The AtomikAir

A large space that needs to filter out massive amounts of air in the environment, would need the unmatchable AtomikAir. Pushing ONE MILLION cu ft of air per hour, the AtomikAir can capture particles as small as 0.3 μm! The movement of such high volumes of air means stabilization of warehouse temperatures, reduction of heating costs and distribution of clean, cooling air in the summer months. The AtomikAir uses MERV 13 filters, which is believed by many to be a requirement, not just a suggestion for ideal air quality measures.


JADE2.0 is a sleek, quiet and efficient air quality control system that is perfect for commercial and office use. With 6 stages of filtration and a UV-C stage chamber that ruptures the DNA of viruses and bacteria, its one of the easiest ways to easily and efficiently clean a large workplace.


Onyx is a robust wall-mounted air purification system ideal for hotel rooms, condominiums, offices, commercial washrooms and much more. The Onyx is whisper-quiet and designed to compliment any interior.

UV Air Purification System

The UV Air Purification System uses ultraviolet light in a safe and effective way to eliminate airborne pathogens. With a strategic installation, the UV-Air systems create a disinfection zone created by a constant UV light source. Designed for moderate sized rooms, the viral load of airborne organisms through the zone is reduced with each pass through the unit.