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Air. On The Safe Side.

April 1, 2022

Air. On The Safe Side.

Everyone knows workplace indoor air quality matters. But, thanks to a 2022, Wakefield Research study, we are now starting to understand just how much. Consider these study findings: *

  • ~75% of workers have concerns over the indoor air quality of their workplace.
  • 89% of employees surveyed agreed workplace air quality has a direct impact on health and well-being.
  • 60% revealed they will resign if their employer refuses to create healthier indoor environment.
  • Cited benefits of improved air quality included fewer allergies (60%); less exposure to airborne pathogens (57%); better overall mental health (53%); improved productivity (43%).

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ new line of indoor air quality control systems offers a range of solutions with an option to suit virtually any indoor work environment.

Our AtomikAir system is an industrial strength solution that filters particles as small as 0.3 microns, including viruses, bacteria, mold, soot, pollution, allergens and more.

Our two commercial systems – JADE2.0 and ONYX – offer a range of solutions for offices, retail, and more. And, our VK Air Purification Systems employ a Germicidal Ultraviolet light to eliminate airborne pathogens.

* “Workplace Air Quality: A Global Concern Emerges”, Wakefield Research, 2022

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