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Non-Stop Energy Savings

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As an industry leader in environmental separation solutions, Ideal Warehouse Innovations has now added Berner Air Curtains to our category-leading lineup.

Preventing airflow between two areas is one of the best ways to keep high energy costs under control.  Just like our Strip Curtains, All-Season Modular Doors and Custom Curtain Partitions, Berner Air Curtains also create an energy-saving barrier.

Except there’s nothing there…but air.

That means non-stop energy savings because air curtains blow a controlled stream of air across the opening to create an air seal while allowing a smooth, uninterrupted flow of traffic and unobstructed vision through the opening. They also help to stop the infiltration of pollutants and flying insects.

Available in Commercial, Industrial, Sanitation and Hazardous Location models, Berner Air Curtains can be made to suit virtually any application.

Learn more about Berner Air Curtains here, or contact us for more information.