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Warehouses are large, fast-moving environments that house important products and materials.  Speed and efficiency are needed to get products in and back out again in a timely manner and easy access to all areas of the warehouse is a necessity. 

But these vast, heavily trafficked areas can create challenges with cleanliness and adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust, and drafts.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ Strip Doors help to quickly and economically separate areas to protect employees and goods from an unfavorable work environment.

Strip curtains use flexible PVC strips that are overlapped to form a seal yet separate easily to allow passage.  The strip size, weight and amount of overlap are variable, allowing for different degrees of protection or access.

And while Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ is far from new to the game of strip doors, we have made some big improvements to this long-running product line-up that makes getting a strip door into a warehouse as simple, efficient and economical as it gets.

Check out these enhancements:

  • Added Strip Door Kits - With 20 standard sized kits to choose from, applying and ordering a strip door has never been simpler.
  • Updated Terminology to give more clarity to our offering and makes choosing the right door simple and easy.
  • Improved Packaging to reduce freight costs.
  • Added Standard Universal Bracketing to simplify and streamline our strip door offering.
  • Pre-Cut Roll Option – save cost on replacement strips by cutting any full PVC rolls into any length strips, as long as they match up to a full roll.

Both safety and efficiency are paramount in a well-run facility and Strip Curtains help to manage that by creating easy accessibility while still maintaining cleanliness and employee comfort.  LEARN MORE