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Checked, Confirmed, and Ready.

August 2, 2022

Checked, Confirmed, and Ready.

A busy loading dock has many moving pieces, so when accidents happen it’s not surprising that it often happens on the dock. Ensuring workplace safety protocols are in place is essential to avoiding these accidents. Let’s make sure the loading dock is checked, confirmed, and ready.

Introducing the new Loading Dock Inspection Starter Kit; a brand new offering from Ideal Warehouse Innovations. This Starter Kit includes an Inspection Paddle, Inspection Book with 30 checklists, and zip ties to attach the item to a visible area at the dock.

The paddle works together with the inspection checklist to provide instant visual confirmation of the loading dock’s PASS or FAIL safety status. We recommend a daily inspection of the loading dock, to ensure workers can proceed with confidence in their workplace.

The checklist covers all aspects of the loading dock, including but not limited to:

Dock Doors – Are they worn, bent or missing track protection?
Dock Lighting – Are the communication and warning lights functional?
Dock Bumpers – Is there wearing, bent steel or broken welds? (Consider our top dock bumper choice; the SLIDE-effect®)
Truck Restraint – Are the wheel chocks in good condition?
Area Safety – Are the handrails and guarding systems in good condition?

In addition to the Loading Dock Inspection Starter Kit, we are also introducing the Forklift Safety Inspection Starter Kit, as well as the Material Handling Equipment Inspection Starter Kit. This allows inspectors and managers to confirm that the forklift and equipment are safe for use.