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Click. Drag. Repeat.

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New!  Stress-Free GuardRail Designing!

Once upon a time, designing a guardrail system required a hand sketch, followed by placing posts and rails to cover an at-risk area and then the specific part numbers were needed to create the bill of materials.  But that kind of work is time-consuming so Ideal Warehouse Innovations is introducing GRID – GuardRail Interactive Designer, to make short work of configuring the perfect guardrail system.

Click.  Drag.  Repeat.

Click on the part.

Drag it onto the GRID where it’s needed.

Repeat with the next part.  And the next.  And the next.

And let GRID do the rest!  You’ll have a graphic layout AND a bill of materials to work with.  It can also be saved in case updates need to be made.

Take a test drive today