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In addition to Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ vast standard lineup of warehouse and loading dock safety products, we also create custom products to meet customer-specific needs. Our engineering team is always looking for new ideas and we welcome customers to reach out with their needs so we can work together on a custom-designed solution. Here are some examples of such collaboration.

Control Stations

The loading dock control panel can be in harm’s way at busy loading docks. There is also often a need at the dock to access frequently used tools and supplies. With Ideal Warehouse Innovations Control Station, you can protect this important area and create more efficient workflow with its built-in shelf for storage. It is highly visible so forklifts drivers can easily determine where to avoid driving and it’s built of solid steel, making it warehouse tough.

Wheel Chock Storage Cabinet

Wheel Chocks are an important part of the loading dock, but unused chocks can create an untidy and often unsafe environment on and around the dock. They are also easily lost or damaged when left outdoors. When not in use, quickly and efficiently store your chocks in The Wheel Chock Storage Cabinet. Painted safety yellow for easy visibility the Wheel Chock Storage cabinet is made of solid steel so it can withstand the rigors of a busy dock. It also has an optional locking feature that gives added security.

*Wheel chocks not included.

Flatbed Loading Enclosure

Loading a flatbed trailer at the dock can be extremely dangerous for forklifts that could accidentally fall off either side.  It also creates the hazard of product falling off either side of the flatbed before it has been secured.  The Flatbed Loading Enclosure solves these risky situations.  These solid steel enclosures surround the flatbed, creating a clear path on and off, eliminating the risk of forklifts or product falling off either side while loading.

Steel Guards for Dock Shelters

Protect dock shelter side frames from inadvertent impacts with Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ Steel Guards. Custom-sized and painted to suit any application!

If you have a problem in your loading dock or warehouse and need a custom solution, contact Ideal Warehouse Innovations and together we will create the solution. Contact us at info@idealwarehouse.com.


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