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Do not sell or share
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Effective Date / Date of Last Revision: November 9, 2023

Under certain laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, you have the right to direct a business that sells or may sell your personal information to stop selling your personal information and to refrain from doing so in the future.

While IWI does not sell personal data to others, we do engage in cross-context behavioural advertising. You may opt out of this by clicking here to access the Cookie Management Tool. You may also submit requests by emailing info@idealwarehouse.com

We will act on your request to opt-out promptly. We are not required to verify the identity of individuals who submit opt-out requests. However, we may deny the request if we have reason to believe the request is fraudulent.

Opt-Out of Cross-Context Behavioral Advertising

You may also direct a business not to use tools designed for cross-context behavioral marketing. These tools are often set by others (such as Google Ads) to collect information about your browser, device, IP address and browsing history, so that targeted advertising may be displayed to you across various websites. You can opt out of this type of marketing by turning off the “Advertising / Targeting Cookies” in our Cookie Privacy Settings.