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EcoAir: Clean the air you breathe at work.

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Clean air. Nothing is more necessary and essential. And yet it’s not been a priority in many workplaces until recent times. Dust, viruses, pollen and mold in large open workspaces cause discomfort and employee sickness. The new EcoAir Industrial Air Filter cleans the air you breathe at work, while increasing employee comfort and the bottom line with energy savings. Here’s how this technology improves the workplace:

Air Quality 
Clean air provides a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone working within it. EcoAir moves 1 million cubic feet of air slowly through its filters, which in turn captures more harmful particles! The washable and reusable filters remove particles as small as 0.3 micrometers (.3 μm or microns).

In most workplaces, heated air is trapped near the ceiling, but the temperature is always measured at the floor level. This causes the HVAC system to work overtime to regulate the temperature. Ceiling fans have tried to fix this issue in the past, but the expense and installation of these fans often outweigh the benefits. With the EcoAir, you have better control of temperatures within a workplace, which will relieve the strain on an HVAC system.

Energy Savings
Now that the HVAC system is able to run more efficiently, you’ll be saving energy costs! EcoAir is portable (rolls on wheels), requires no installation (plugs into 240V, 480V or 575V outlet) and the only maintenance it needs is a filter change. And the huge capital investment and installation fees of fans can be avoided. 

To find out more about EcoAir Industrial Air Filter, click here.

To complete the air cleaning job, JADE Air Purifier can be used in smaller areas such as offices.  This unit is sleek, slim and quiet, yet still has the strength to provide healthier air. To learn more about JADE Air Purifier, click here.