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Extra Wide – Extra Easy – Extra Safe

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Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ AutoStand Wide protects people, trailers, cargo and docks with extra-wide support.

Extra-Wide         •             Strong   •             Ergonomic

AutoStand Wide
At 66”, the AutoStand Wide performs like no other manual stand. Covering 2/3rds of the trailer’s total width, the AutoStand Wide provides the ultimate protection against landing gear failure and easily holds up to the heaviest loads.
And ergonomics don’t have to be sacrificed for strength.  Without cranking or back strain, the AutoStand Wide is wheeled into position like a shopping cart and is secured with a simple foot pedal system.  It is our easiest to deploy manual stand yet!
The AutoStand Wide offers the ultimate protection from the side-to-side rocking of a trailer caused by heavy forklift activity that can lead to landing gear collapse and trailer tip-over.
The new big brother in the Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ trailer stand family is built for the most demanding docks, where putting safety first always comes first and where every minute saved makes a difference.