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Failure Isn’t An Option

December 1, 2021

Failure Isn’t An Option

Failure isn’t an option when dealing with 80,000 lbs of trailer.

These failures can lead to destructive consequences, such as damage to the dock and its equipment, the trailer, and the loading dock itself. Nearby workers are also at risk, so the consequences are always high.

It’s been Ideal Warehouse Innovations mission to manufacture a critical and simple solution to combat these issues at the loading dock. Trailer stands are positioned under a trailer’s nose to protect against trailer collapse and ultimately helps prevent injury and dock downtime. With our line-up of trailer stands, we have a solution for virtually every dock environment.

AutoStand and AutoStand Plus – The perfect choices for medium-traffic docks.

AutoStand Wide – A heavy weight champion that effortlessly moves into position within seconds.

Shuntable Trailer Stand – Our No Boots on the Ground™ trailer stand is the ultimate choice for worker safety. This trailer stand is retrieved by shunt truck keeping dock workers out of harm’s way.

When inoperative loading docks are estimated to cost $1700.00 per hour to businesses, every second counts. A trailer stand is a simple solution to prevent future injuries and business disruption.

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