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Prevent Pedestrian Collisions

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Approximately every three days someone in the US is killed in a forklift related accident.*

Collisions between man and machine can be catastrophic. Pedestrians in facilities with forklifts are in danger, especially when using hearing protection, distracted by mobile device use AND in poorly lit workplaces.
The Forklift Spotter™ Safe Zone can prevent these potentially lethal accidents.  This 360° Safe Zone provides a visual alert around the entire forklift, making it immediately clear to pedestrians, the safe distance to keep from the forklift.  The Safe Zone includes:

Forklift Front Spotter creates a safer environment by emitting a bright, white light in front of the forklift.  It is built strong for the rough work forklifts do.

Forklift Side Spotters emit a red beam to the floor, on either side of the forklift.  This red glow is a visual indicator of the safe distance pedestrians should keep between themselves and the forklift.

Forklift Rear Spotter projects a blue beam of light onto the floor behind the forklift, alerting pedestrians of the oncoming vehicle well in advance.

Keep your warehouse safe with Ideal Warehouse Innovations' Forklift Spotter™ Safe Zone.


*Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology