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Going Far and Wide for Safety

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Introducing the Autostand Wide and Shuntable Trailer Stands!

Safety is our thing. Everything about our business has to do with making warehouses, loading docks and people safe. And, our two new trailer stand models are a direct result of our commitment to R&D in the workplace safety arena.

A Trailer Stand, placed under the nose of a docked trailer, is used to protect against landing gear failure, trailer tip-over and trailer upending that can be caused by forklifts maneuvering within.

Typical trailer stands have evolved to offer 30” wide contact pads however, as trailers have grown in size and weight, our R&D has gone to work to offer more supportive solutions.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ Two New Trailer Stands: AutoStand Wide and Shuntable protect people, trailers, cargo and docks with extra-wide support.


At 66”, the AutoStand Wide performs like no other manual stand. Covering 2/3rds of the trailer’s total width, the AutoStand Wide provides the ultimate protection against landing gear failure.

Without cranking or back strain, the AutoStand Wide is wheeled into position like a shopping cart and is secured with a simple foot pedal system. This exciting addition to the line is our easiest to deploy manual stand yet.


As a solution to keeping workers out of the yard and out of harm’s way from trucks coming and going, Ideal Warehouse Innovations developed the Shuntable Trailer Stand.

At 60” wide, the Shuntable Trailer Stand delivers strong, wide support; but the real innovation it offers is that it can be picked up, placed and later retrieved by shunt truck – all completely hands free. The Shuntable Trailer Stand is our first ‘No-Boots-on-the-Ground’ solution that adds an extra layer of protection to your dock safety protocol.


It’s an understatement to say that our new Trailer Stand designs are engineered for strength. Both stands have easily shouldered overloaded 15-ton trailers dropped on to them from heights of up to 6”.

And, while preventing potentially tragic accidents is the #1 job of all our trailer stands, both the AutoStand Wide and Shuntable Trailer Stands also deliver ergonomic and workflow benefits with minimal strain on workers and efficient deployment to keep the dock running on schedule.

The new big brothers in the Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ trailer stand family are built for the most demanding docks, where putting safety first always comes first and where every minute saved makes a difference. Ideal Warehouse Innovations has the right solution to meet your needs.