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Guard Your New Year!

January 3, 2023

Guard Your New Year!

The infrequent forklift bump is unavoidable in a busy warehouse, but when it comes to structural elements, like the columns supporting the roof, the level of impact should always be ZERO. Guard your new year with our new Heavy Duty Column Guards.

Protection of building supports in a facility is crucial, which is why our Heavy Duty Column Guards provide 360 degrees of protection to this serious risk. Reversing forklifts can easily impact columns, but at 36” high, manufactured from 3/8” thick steel and anchoring into the floor, maximum protection is delivered to these potential collisions. Our Heavy Duty Column Guards can stop a 10,000lb forklift travelling at 3-4 mph dead in its tracks!

Additional Features:
– Like many of our other products, a safety yellow powder coat ensures high visibility
– Units are supplied in two halves, making them a flexible option for columns that are blocked on one side
– Available in 2 sizes that can fit around a 10” x 10” or 16” x 16” column
– Extension assemblies are offered in applications that require a larger column guard

Our options for protection don’t stop there. From Guardrail Systems, to Bollards, to Door Track Protection, the options are endless. Find new ways to guard your facility.