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Guardrails Save the Day

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Warehouses have the important job of loading, unloading and safely storing millions of dollars of products, and quick turnaround times are expected when moving these materials in and back out again.  But in this busy warehouse environment, there’s risk around every corner.  Fast-moving forklifts, important assets and distracted pedestrians all come together to create a real potential for danger, making strategically placed guardrails smart additions to any warehouse safety plan.

Stopping Power.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ newly designed Guardrail Systems are impact-tested for 10,000 lbs. at 4 mph to protect people, equipment, and facilities.  Like we said… stopping power.

And the new designs:

  • Are even more cost effective than our previous guardrail lineup.
  • Are easy to install, just design your layout, place the posts, connect the rails, anchor the posts to the floor, and add the post caps for a quick, easy installation.
  • Have a simple, double rail design.
  • Offer Lift Out Rails for easy forklift access to inventory and a Safety Swing gate for pedestrian use.

Lift Out Rails and Safety Gate

Save the day with Ideal Warehouse Innovations' Guardrail systems.  LEARN MORE