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High Ground. Low Cost.

May 1, 2024

High Ground. Low Cost.

We don’t have to tell you; construction is a messy business. There’s no avoiding it. And the dirt and rubble tracked out of building sites, in the giant treads of mighty construction vehicles, presents an unsightly problem for neighborhoods and communities. This has prompted many local municipalities to pass regulations demanding better site maintenance practices.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ Track-Out Mats are the high ground in track-out reduction. Ecologically engineered from recycled truck tires, Track-Out Mats can be moved from site-to-site and reused for years. The patchwork design jostles rubble loose from tire treads and traps it in the mat’s voids.

Our simple track-out solutions require minimal ground preparation, no anchoring, no clean-out or turning (as required with aggregate), no sweeping (as required with HDPE), and are engineered to last 10+ years with minimal care maintaining their effectiveness and contributing to a cleaner community.

We invite you to run your own numbers using our Track-Out Mats Cost Comparison Calculator to see how our track-out solution stacks up against other common options, including aggregate pathways and HDPE panels.

Reusability helps make Track-Out Mats a budget friendly solution. Over just 8 projects (a fraction of their lifespan), Track-Out Mats offer more than 40% savings over HDPE solutions. And, versus supposedly “cheap” aggregate track-out paths, our solution delivers more than 30% savings while requiring significantly less effort and upkeep.

It is more than a bonus that Track-Out Mats are also a planet-friendly option. The fact that our mats are recycled, upcycled, and reusable, only adds to the long-term savings story.

For more information visit our Track-Out Mats product page and watch our Track-Out Mats video here.