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Illuminating Dockways, Cleaning Airways.

October 2, 2023

Illuminating Dockways, Cleaning Airways.

We’re thrilled to be announcing two game-changing products that are revolutionizing their respective industries. First is the Cobalt, an advanced air purification system that surpasses industry standards, ensuring clean indoor air spaces. Second is the DL2 series of dock lights, which is enhancing loading and unloading efficiency at the loading dock. With these two new products, you’ll be illuminating dockways and cleaning the airways in no time!

The Cobalt is an innovative system which utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver air that exceeds the industry’s normal standards. From hospitals to offices and schools, Cobalt is designed to eliminate harmful pathogens, allergens and pollutants, providing an environment where clean air isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity! Available in multiple configurations for your convenience: Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount and Mobile Frame.

The DL2 Integrated LED Dock Light Arms are a compact and highly efficient lighting solution that provides over 1300 lumens of illumination while using just 13.4 watts. Its innovative design fits snugly at the edge of a dock door, minimizing risk and providing superior illumination for safety. Choose between single or double arm options to meet your facility requirements.

Click here to go to our DL2 Integrated LED Dock Light Arms product page.

With the Cobalt and DL2 Series, you’ll be illuminating dockways and enjoying cleaner air, making both a safer and more comfortable environment and participating in a future of safety and well-being.