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Innovations Save Lives

March 1, 2023

Innovations Save Lives

Innovation drives our business. And it saves lives. Our product portfolio is home to 1000+ SKUs and we strive to differentiate our products with enhanced safety, ergonomics, and efficiency. And when we get it just right, we deliver all 3.

The Shuntable 2.0 Trailer Stand, our latest No Boots on the Ground® innovation, is saving lives on the dock approach by keeping dockworkers out of harm’s way while preventing trailer collapse.

Deployed quickly and efficiently by a yard jockey (or shunt trunk) fitted with a lifting device, the Shuntable 2.0’s new compact footprint makes storage between dock positions convenient.  It’s extra-wide design provides important side-to-side support.  Significant labor cost savings are realized, especially in multi dock position applications.

See it in action here.