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Introducing the FlexPro and DLA 2 Docklights

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You can’t avoid what can’t be seen. Loading docks are busy environments with a high potential for workplace injury, which is why we’re constantly striving to provide the best possible lighting solutions to minimize risk and improve efficiency.

Introducing the FlexPro

We’re excited to announce the addition of the FlexPro to our range of dock lighting solutions. This powerful light runs off just 10W of power and has been designed to replace equivalent incandescent lights which require up to 150W. The sleek, compact design features a stainless steel arm which is easy to position and will not sag, as well as durable plastic housing to protect it from the knocks and bumps which inevitably occur within a warehouse. With a total length of over three feet, it’s easy to aim the FlexPro in any direction as well as bend it around most dock door tracks. For a final piece of extra protection, a hinged bracket allows the whole fixture to swing away in the event of a strong impact, thereby minimizing potential damage.

Click here for the FlexPro.

… and that’s not all – presenting the DLA 2

In addition to the FlexPro, we’re also now offering the DLA 2 docklite - a robust little light that is easily capable of evenly illuminating a 53 foot trailer. Like the FlexPro, the DLA 2 represents an LED alternative to traditional incandescent fixtures, which offers a more efficient and greener solution that also requires less maintenance.

Click here for the DLA 2.