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Introducing the Idealogy blog: Safe(ty) Ideas and Resources

May 1, 2023

Introducing the Idealogy blog: Safe(ty) Ideas and Resources

We are thrilled to introduce, Idealogy, an Ideal Warehouse Innovations blog that’s all about saving. Saving money, saving businesses, saving deadlines, and saving lives. 

Focused tightly on offering insights, tips, information, and trends on all things related to warehouse and loading dock safety, our Idealogy blog will arrive in your inbox periodically.

Workplace safety affects every aspect of your business. Productivity, morale, profitability, scheduling, customer satisfaction and much more can all be negatively impacted by even minor safety oversights.

Whether it’s something invisible like indoor air quality or something unthinkable like a trailer collapse that takes out a couple of docks and puts a worker in the hospital, there are lessons we’ve already learned, and preventions that can literally save the day.

This blog will feature customer stories, innovative solutions to scary problems, and ideas on how to set the bar high when it comes to protecting your people, your workplace, and your business.

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And we will keep you up-to-date with the occasional NEW PRODUCT ALERT:

You asked, we listened! Ideal Warehouse Innovations, has added Pipe Bollards to our Ideal Steel Bollards line-up.