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Introducing the SLIDE-effect™

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Our newest dock bumper is a revolution (not to mention an oscillation) in loading dock protection!

The SLIDE-effect™ dock bumper incorporates a slide mechanism within the bumper assembly. The ‘spring & slide’ action allows the bumper to move up and down with the trailer to limit abrasion and extend the life of dock equipment while reducing service calls.

The rubber pads are made from tough, impact-absorbing, reclaimed truck tires, so each bumper keeps two truck tires out of landfill. And, should the pad in the SLIDE-effect™ bumper (eventually) need to be replaced, it can be swapped out, inexpensively, in under a minute and without tools.

Furthermore, the SLIDE-effect™ Bumper comes with a lifetime warranty.

Available with optional Extension and Tilting Brackets, the SLIDE-effect™ can be manufactured to match the specification of your dock.

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Check out our new SLIDE-effect™ product video here.