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Introducing Three New Safety Gates

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We've just added three new gates to our product range, check them out below:

EdgeSafe® Smart Dock Gate

Dock GateThe EdgeSafe® Smart Dock Gate lifts vertically 90 degrees (without pinch points) to ensure plenty of clearance. Counterbalanced design makes it easy for one person to operate the gate smoothly with just one hand and a unique dampening system keeps the gate from closing hard. Each model can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

It is available in both Single (48" to 156") and Double (108" to 324") gate configurations to accommodate a variety of applications. Opening sizes ranging from typical to extra large – the Double, for example, is well suited for low headroom and wide areas. Available for select gate sizes, an optional Toeboard Kit helps to increase edge protection from falling objects.


The Smart Dock Gate is ideal for a variety of applications – including:

  • Loading docks
  • Fall protection/railing openings
  • Machine guarding
  • Equipment protection
  • Ground-level traffic/pedestrian control
  • Area perimeter protection
  • Crowd control where forklift traffic (or other machinery) is present

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SafeMezz360® Mezzanine Gate

Mezzanine GateThe SafeMezz360® Mezzanine Gate keeps personnel safe during the important, but potentially hazardous, job of loading and unloading forklifted materials to and from the mezzanine. This OSHA and ANSI compliant gate creates a foolproof, 360 degree, enclosed area that keeps workers safe from the elevated mezzanine edge.

Easy to operate one-handed, it has a slam-proof, cushioned dampening system that prevents the gate from dropping on toes and protects personnel from dangerous and noisy slamming.

The Mezzanine Gate is available in single or double pallet widths.

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EdgeSafe® Personnel Access Gate

Personnel Access GateDesigned to swing both ways, this durable floor-level gate serves as a single access point for personnel to safely enter or exit restricted areas. As versatile as it is functional, it's the ideal solution for protecting areas where personnel and forklifts share the same traffic spaces.

Mild steel construction and a spring tested to over 1 million cycles make it perfect for repetitive use. The gate also makes no sound as it closes.

It can be adjusted from 21" to 48" and attached to existing railing, alternatively, an optional Mounting Post Kit is available which makes it easy to mount the gate in areas where there is no existing railing.

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