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Our Thousand-Product Safety Story

Warehouse Safety

Ideal Warehouse Innovations manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of products to deliver the highest standards of safety and protection. With an amazing arsenal of more than 1100 products from our innovative design lab and our network of top producers around the world, we stand for safety in loading dock, warehouse and manufacturing environments.

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Dock bumpers are the unsung heroes of safety. While they are rarely credited with protecting life and limb, they simply, and economically, absorb the relentless, repeated impacts of trucks docking. It's no small feat: preserving the integrity of the warehouse's structure, and preventing an incident that can shut down a loading dock for days.

For a high traffic dock environment handling heavy loads, we recommend the AutoStand Plus jack stand. It is well-suited to a busy workplace since its self-levelling pad can be positioned in seconds; it is built to withstand the weight (100,000 lbs static load capacity) and stresses of a bustling loading dock.

A bollard post is a fundamental safety item for most loading docks, but for some applications, you may need to consider your options carefully. Do you need a solid steel, concrete-fillable, high visibility post that will stop trucks or forklifts in their tracks? Or is your need suited to a more forgiving "bollard with bounce" that absorbs impact to protect both sides of the equation: your staff and structures as well as the forklift or truck that encroaches on their space?

The job of a column guard is not just to protect the column from impact. A simple cushion wrap can handle that task. The more important reason for guarding columns from the impact of a moving forklift is to maintain the structural integrity of the whole building. Columns are engineered to support vertical loads, not the sideways force of a collision. A column guard doesn't just absorb that impact, it prevents it.

The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart) is the safe and cost-effective solution for preventing unsafe entry into pallet rack systems. It is a self-propelled system capable of travelling the full distance of the rack system providing operators with an engineered safe zone at any height and depth and enabling them to perform a variety of tasks such as inspection, repairs and maintenance. If your operation includes the use of high density racking for storage, how are you currently handling the need to clear obstructions, perform inspections and conduct regular maintenance within the pushback racking? You should be aware that rack systems are not designed for operator access, and aerial platforms are not engineered for lateral loads. The MARC creates a movable safe zone. The MARC is available in a number of configurations and can be customized to meet your specified needs in any application including pallet flow, push back, double deep and more.

A push back rack system has a great many benefits, and is overall a very efficient system, but it can present its challenges. For example, when there is a jam, no matter the cause, the result is out-of-service pallet positions. As our case study demonstrates, these jams can often create extremely dangerous situations for operators. The solution for this need to perform tasks within a push back racking structure is The MARC - an engineered anchor system that allows operators to move within the racks safely. No more man-handling spilled product or climbing among the racks without an approved anchor point. Watch this video to see The MARC in action!

If your loading dock suffers from the stresses of up and down trailer movement, our gliding steel face bumper is an ideal solution: it compresses to protect from impact and glides to resist surface abrasion. Our 5-year replacement warranty tells you it's the strongest impact protection you can buy.

For bumper protection of incidental impact areas that require a longer surface, our extruded dock bumpers are available in a range of lengths from 12" to 36", allowing the flexibility to create custom protection for your loading dock or inside the warehouse.

The right choice of trailer stand for your application can be made by determining two things: whether your dock experiences a high volume of traffic or not, and whether you require a heavyweight solution or not. No matter the answer, one of our four products will be perfectly suited to your needs.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations offers two permanent warehouse guardrail solutions and one system for installing a temporary barrier. The key difference between our permanently installed products is flexibility; that is, one is built from structural steel, while the other is designed to flex (and rebound) on impact. Both types of guardrail systems are easy to install, highly visible and very effective at protecting people and equipment.

How do you prevent unsafe climbing in high density rack systems? The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart) is loaded using standard material handling equipment and then inserts and locates into the rack system easily using integrated alignment guides. The MARC is an engineered 'safe zone' to access deep inside rack systems at height. The MARC creates safe access to spilled product, stuck pallets or push back trays. Watch this video for more information.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations is passionate about protecting people and profits through safety. Are you aware that the use of forklift safety cages is contrary to safe practices for accessing high density racking structures? Moreover, racking systems themselves are not designed for operator access. Nevertheless, there are many instances when it is necessary for your staff to perform tasks at height (and at depth within racks, as well) such as; man-handling stuck pallets or spilled product to clear jams, servicing the rack structure and other components at height, inspecting the structure and the products it contains, and more. All of these tasks are extremely dangerous, to both the operator performing the task and those on the ground, without benefit of an engineered anchor point, among other safety measures. The MARC is the engineered safe zone that eliminates unsafe entry into racking systems. Talk to us today about a product demonstration.

Whether you need warehouse guardrails and trailer jack stands to protect your people or loading dock bumpers and bollard posts to safeguard your equipment, we have a full spectrum of solutions to create a safer workplace. Call 1-866-828-6737 or email us at to discuss your needs.