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Maintenance on warehouse rack locations includes regularly-scheduled cleaning. How do you safely and effectively access racks at height, or beyond one pallet deep, with power-operated cleaning tools? The answer is: from inside the MARC's engineered safe zone with its "power on board" feature. For cleaning warehouse racks and other maintenance needs inside the rack system, the MARC delivers 110-volt AC power right where it's needed for 2 hours or more (at 8 amps).  The key to creating an effective guardrail system that can withstand repeated impact (without requiring constant repairs) is in combining a flexible rail (available in 4m lengths that can be cut to size) with rebounding posts. This configuration absorbs and deflects the energy of an impact, protecting and minimizing damage to the forklift, the driver, the materials, and the guardrail itself.  

Ideal Warehouse Innovations is the perfect partner for companies that care about their employees. From the parking lot to the loading dock, to the interior spaces of your warehouse or industrial facility, maintaining a safe work environment takes planning, commitment, and the right products.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures safe working conditions by setting and enforcing standards for workplaces including warehouses. Its regulations around trailer jacks, in part 1910 subpart N, do not mandate the use of fixed stands, nor do they specify the type or quantity of jack stands to be used. Instead, the OSHA strongly recommends paying close attention to the advice provided by the manufacturers of both the semi-trailer and the jacks themselves. If you have any questions about best practices for your warehouse, please contact us. We're here to help ensure you can find all the safety you need.  While our ratchet-top jack has a number of great attributes (it's efficient and easy to position, for example), it's not recommended as a substitute for a trailer stand. It is designed and rated for maintenance operations and/or tire changes, not for preventing upending or tip-over during loading or offloading operations.  

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Our business is growing thanks to our customers and our great, market-leading lineup of warehouse and industrial workplace safety products, as well as our people, our product innovation, our management, our quick-turn around times, our highly-appreciated customer service approach... Workplace safety matters. We're here to help.

Landing gear collapse is one of the most dangerous and costly results of side-to-side trailer rocking caused by forklift activity during loading or offloading operations. The solution that creates a safe work environment is our newest and strongest trailer stand: the AutoStand Wide.  For a low traffic dock environment that handles heavy weights, we recommend the AutoStand for its strength and stability. Its 100,000 lb load capacity helps create a safer loading dock.  

We create safer workplaces, by designing & manufacturing and/or sourcing a complete line-up of products that enhance workplace safety in warehouses, on loading docks, and in industrial settings, and by making these goods available globally through our distribution partners. We believe that planning and acting to prevent injury, damage and downtime is always the right strategic choice.

Our AutoStand and AutoStand Plus are a tried-and-true means to a safer loading dock. Both feature a design that permits crank-free installation (ergonomically faster and safer for your workers) using a gas-shock system. A great solution for high-traffic situations.  The latest addition to our family of trailer stand products is our shunt-truck installed unit that keeps dock workers out of harm's way and supports even the heaviest of trailers in busy environments. The easy to maneuver stand supports trailers at any height, on incline or decline, and even on damaged pavement.  

Whether you need warehouse guardrails and trailer jack stands to protect your people or loading dock bumpers and safety barriers to safeguard your equipment, we have a full spectrum of solutions to create a safer workplace. Call 1-866-828-6737 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your needs.