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Our Thousand-Product Safety Story

Ideal Warehouse Innovations Inc.: Loading Dock Bumper

Dock bumpers are the unsung heroes of safety. While they are rarely credited with protecting life and limb, they simply, and economically, absorb the relentless, repeated impacts of trucks docking. It's no small feat: preserving the integrity of the warehouse's structure, and preventing an incident that can shut down a loading dock for days.

We create safer workplaces, by designing & manufacturing and/or sourcing a complete line-up of products that enhance workplace safety in warehouses, on loading docks, and in industrial settings, and by making these goods available globally through our distribution partners. We believe that planning and acting to prevent injury, damage and downtime is always the right strategic choice.

Our business is growing thanks to our customers and our great, market-leading lineup of warehouse and industrial workplace safety products, as well as our people, our product innovation, our management, our quick-turn around times, our highly-appreciated customer service approach... Workplace safety matters. We're here to help.

Whether you need warehouse guardrails and trailer jack stands to protect your people or loading dock bumpers and safety barriers to safeguard your equipment, we have a full spectrum of solutions to create a safer workplace. Call 1-866-828-6737 or email us at to discuss your Loading Dock Bumper needs.