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National Forklift Safety Day: Making the Ride Safer

June 1, 2023

National Forklift Safety Day: Making the Ride Safer

Forklift trucks are imperative to warehouse operations but are among the leading causes of damage, injury and death in workplace environments.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations has the safety products to prevent these catastrophes. In honor of National Forklift Safety Day, let’s look at all the ways Ideal Warehouse Innovations makes the ride safer and makes it safer to ride.

Trailer Collapse Prevention:

Landing gear collapse is one of the most dangerous and costly results of forklift activity during loading operations and our line-up of trailer stands can prevent this.

Collison Prevention:

For people around forklifts, the risk of catastrophic injury is great. The Forklift Spotter™ Safe Zone can prevent these lethal accidents by maintaining a 360 degree visual alert around the forklift to help workers keep a safe distance.

Damage Reduction:

Safe-Bump impact absorbing bumpers can reduce damage to products, warehouse goods, racking, the facility and the forklift itself. Conveniently attaches to the forks or other impact areas with magnets.

Pallet Placement Efficiency:

Even the most experienced forklift operator has difficulty judging the tilt of the forks when entering pallets high on the racks. Accu-Tilt® shows the operator the level of the forks at all times reducing racking and product damage.

Inspection Checklists:

To help meet OSHA forklift inspection requirements, forklift inspection checklists are imperative to daily forklift driving. Our Forklift Inspection Kit or Loading Dock Inspection Kit are the perfect solution to ensuring forklift and loading dock safety in the workplace.

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