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New Options, Better Protection.

July 6, 2022

New Options, Better Protection.

Every overhead door has tracks, but not every door has track protectors. Considering the benefits track protectors provide, it should be an essential part of every door system. Let’s go over the reasons why.

Costly Maintenance Requirements:
Exposed door tracks will lead to increased incidence of accidents. Waiting for maintenance repairs will cost time and money. In fact, it’s been reported inoperative loading docks cost $1700 per hour in lost productivity.

Security Risk:
If the door tracks have been damaged, there’s a good chance the door cannot close, which means there’s a security risk until the door gets repaired.

Lowered Productivity:
Any dock down-time leads to an immediate impact on how productive the facility is.

Avoid costly and time-consuming problems with our line-up of Track Protectors. Here are some updates and improvements we’ve made to our offering:
– The addition of ¼” thick models, which enhances the already impressive selection of 1/8” (10ga), 3/16” (7ga) and 3/8”.
– 45° Cut (in the top edge) will be standard on all of our models to help prevent hand injuries when operating overhead doors.
– Height choices of 36” & 48”, with or without a floor base plate.
– 1/2″(13mm) anchor kits are available (in packs of 6) for convenient installation.

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