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Night Vision

September 5, 2023

Night Vision

In busy loading docks, keeping workers off the dock approach is a worthy safety upgrade. Our fastest growing trailer collapse prevention solution, the Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0, is revolutionizing loading dock safety. The new lighting add-on ensures safety round the clock.

No Boots on the Ground® Safety:

The Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0 keeps dockworkers safely away from trailer traffic.


Positioned by the yard jockey with a lifting device, the stand is rapidly deployed, leading to massive time savings when compared to traditional manual trailer stand placement.


Yard jockey drivers no longer need to exit their vehicle to deploy the stand, minimizing ergonomic risks.

Lighting Feature:

A powerful 26,400 lumen light bar simplifies locating and deploying the Shuntable 2.0 in 24/7 operations with low visibility.

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