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No Boots on the Ground® – Now Universally Compatible

December 1, 2023

No Boots on the Ground® – Now Universally Compatible

In busy loading docks, keeping workers off the dock approach is a safe bet. Our No Boots on the Ground® products, like the Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0, make it possible to keep dockworkers’ safely out of the way of trailer traffic.

Integrating the Shuntable 2.0 into dock approach operations requires that a lifting mechanism be installed in the front of the yard jockey. This device makes it simple to move, place and store the Shuntable 2.0 and makes it the most efficient trailer collapse prevention solution…ever.

The most common question asked is whether the lifting device will fit the yard jockey. And now, with Ideal Warehouse Innovation’s Universal Mounting Plate, the answer is YES! The included adaptor plate caters to all of the most common makes of shunt trucks. So no more compatibility concerns! 

And that means operation teams can focus more on what they do best…keeping all of the yard operations running smoothly. Plus, the initial installation challenges are significantly reduced. 

Unlock more possibilities with Shuntable 2.0‘s Universal Mounting Plate!