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Construction season is here and so is the need for Portable Barriers.  Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ RapidRoll® provides temporary fencing wherever you may need it!

Working in high-traffic outdoor locations, leaves workers at risk. A portable barrier offers a bright, hard-to-miss visual deterrent.  RapidRoll®:

  • Allows you to go almost anywhere and protect almost anything
  • Gives you indoor and outdoor options
  • Provides a strong visual deterrent and has your back when your focus is elsewhere

Key Features:

  • REUSABILITY - Durable and rugged, RapidRoll® can be used repeatedly, making cost per use easily affordable.
  • EFFICIENCY - Faster, easier site securement means less set up time and more efficient work time.
  • PORTABILITY - Easy to carry and worksite-durable, RapidRoll® is the quickest, most portable barrier fencing solution.
  • SAFETY - Safe and sturdy, RapidRoll® barriers quickly create a clearly defined protective zone that keeps workers and civilians protected.

RapidRoll® Be Working.  Be Seen.  Be Safe.