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Prevent the Whack

January 1, 2022

Prevent the Whack

When maneuvering a forklift in a busy warehouse, you’re always within a few moments of a bump, a bang or a WHACK. At Ideal Warehouse Innovations, we understand that guardrails are a key component to ensuring warehouse safety. Which is why we offer not one, but TWO guardrail systems to minimize warehouse risk.

Ideal Steel Guardrail System:
This option is for warehouse areas where incidental impact is possible but less likely. These guardrails are anchored in concrete and provide ultra-strong protection with a choice of either single or double rails. Modular/replaceable components are also available. With the GRID (Guardrail Interactive Designer), planning the perfect guardrail system has never been easier.

SlowStop® Guarding System:
The flexible, rebounding option is the perfect choice for areas where repeated impact is likely. This guardrail system combines a flexible rail with rebounding posts to absorb the impact, while simultaneously minimizing the damage to the guardrail and/or forklift.

Workers, equipment, racking and the warehouse are all in immediate risk. Protecting your people, places, and things can be attainable by preventing the WHACK.

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