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No cranking, no back-strain– the AutoStand Wide (ASW) is Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ newest, strongest, and easiest manual trailer stand. Ergonomically designed and maneuverable, the ASW can be placed as easily as a shopping cart and then secured with a simple foot pedal.

The AutoStand Wide’s extra-wide support covers two-thirds of the total trailer width and easily holds up to the heaviest of loads. It offers the ultimate protection from the side-to-side rocking of a trailer caused by heavy forklift activity that can lead to landing gear collapse or trailer tip-over.

The AutoStand Wide is our finest manual stand yet!

Average deployment/retrieval time: 15-30 Seconds*

It was this unique offering which earned the AutoStand Wide a finalist position in the MHI Innovation Awards 2021. A judging panel comprised of professionals from the material handling and supply chain industry whittled down a list of over 90 fantastic entries, to just a few finalists including the AutoStand Wide.

*Time measured: Average time to bring stand from stored position to trailer nose; engage; disengage; and move back to stored position.


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