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Ideal Steel Column Guards


Providing 360º protection from accidental impact with building supports, our column protectors offer a simple solution to a serious risk. Ideal Warehouse Innovations Column Protectors prevent impact while reversing AND accidental fork impact.

  • At 8” high and manufactured from 3/16” thick steel and with ” gussets high-strength, cold rolled steel, Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ Column protectors can stop a 10,000lb forklift travelling at 3 to 4 mph dead in its tracks.
  • The safety yellow powder coat finish ensures high visibility.
  • Column protectors are supplied in quarters, making them flexible for adding around racking corners or getting around column obstructions.
  • One circular assembly of 4 quarters will comfortably fit around a standard column up to 12” x 12”.
  • If obstructions exist that may require a larger or modified column protector, please contact your Ideal Warehouse Innovations representative for technical assistance.
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  • 60-5720-A Column Guard – 15.75”(400mm) Length x 8.375”(213mm) Width x 8”(203mm) Height / 28lbs(13kgs)

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Column Guard Assembly: 8” (203mm) high quarter section