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Customizable to fit your specific applications, the Smart Gate is ideal for a variety of applications – including:

  • Loading docks
  • Fall protection/railing openings
  • Machine guarding
  • Equipment protection
  • Ground-level traffic/pedestrian control
  • Area perimeter protection
  • Crowd control where forklift traffic (or other machinery) is present

Key features:

  • Safety That Pays – Keeps your team safe while keeping your facility running efficiently.
  • Extended Configurations – Available in both Single (48" to 156") and Double (108" to 324") gate configurations to accommodate a variety of applications and opening sizes ranging from typical to extra large – the Double, for example, is well suited for low headroom and wide areas.
  • Flexible Sizing – Gate systems adjustable to fit a variety of clear opening widths.
  • Easy Operation – Counterbalanced design makes it easy for one person to operate the gate smoothly with just one hand.
  • No Slamming – A unique dampening system keeps the gate from closing hard, and the damper is specially mounted high up to prevent it from becoming damaged.
  • Lifts Out Of The Way – The gate lifts vertically 90 degrees (without pinch points) to ensure plenty of clearance.
  • Built To Last – Heavy-gauge steel and a powder coat yellow finish make it ideal for repetitive use.
  • Optional Toeboard – Available for select gate sizes, an optional toeboard kit (sold separately) helps to increase edge protection from falling objects.
  • Lock-Out Standard On All Gates – Each model can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

60-3400-TB, Toeboard Kit for Smart Single Dock Gate 48”-78” is compatible with 60-3400, EdgeSafe® Smart Single Dock Gate 48"-78".
60-3401-TB, Toeboard Kit for Smart Single Dock Gate 84”-108” is compatible with 60-3401, EdgeSafe® Smart Single Dock Gate 84"-108".
60-3410-TB, Toeboard Kit for Smart Double Dock Gate 108”-168” is compatible with 60-3410, EdgeSafe® Smart Double Dock Gate 108"-168".

Comes with a one-year warranty from date of shipment, excluding finishes.

All EdgeSafe® Smart Single Dock Gate configurations as well as 60-3410, EdgeSafe® Smart Double Dock Gate 108"-168" are approved for fall protection and compliant with:
OSHA 1910.29, ANSI A1264.1-2017, ISO 14122-3:2016, and Canada OHS SOR-86-304 Part II code requirements.

More details, including technical information, on this product are available on our Distributor’s site.

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