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EcoAir Industrial Air Filter

EcoAir Industrial Air Filter

EcoAir is a revolutionary product that cleans the air you breathe, increases your comfort and improves your bottom line.

Benefit #1: Air Quality
Indoor industrial air quality is a problem – particularly at occupant level – and EcoAir is specifically designed to clean the air where people work. It moves large volumes of air through filters in a highly specific flow pattern. And at 350 feet per minute, that’s much slower than alternative systems…but the key is the slower the air moves through the filters, the more harmful particles they capture! The specialized washable and reusable filters remove smaller particulate all the way down to .03 micrometers (.3 μm or microns).

Clean air provides a safer, comfortable work environment for everyone.

Benefit #2: Destratification
In most industrial buildings, heated air is trapped up high in the ceiling but the temperature is measured at the floor. This stratification causes the HVAC system to work overtime to regulate the temperature.

Ceiling fans have often been installed to fight the problem of stratification. The problem is, when they’re not on high speed, they really only move air around at the ceiling and don’t impact the ground level (C). When they are at high speed, they create a cool draft that is unwanted. As a solution, ceiling fans have gotten bigger, or more of them are installed. The expense and invasive installation of fans and other systems begs for a simpler, more effective, less costly solution.

Instead of pushing warm air down, the EcoAir pushes a little over 1 million cubic feet of clean, filtered air per hour up. This creates a rolling air pattern that forces warm air trapped in the ceiling across it and down the other side. A cycle begins that uses all your warm and cool air supply, achieving even temperatures from floor to ceiling quickly and destratifying your facility.

EcoAir destratifies and controls temperature in an efficient way to relieve the strain on your HVAC system, and that saves energy. When you save energy, you save money.

Benefit #3: Energy Savings
The EcoAir is a brilliantly compact piece of engineering that allows your HVAC to run more efficiently to save energy. Because it’s portable (rolls on wheels), requires no installation (plugs into 575V outlet) and is maintenance free (other than filter changes), you can avoid the huge capital investment and invasive installation of fans.

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