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Specifically designed for forklifts, Safe-Bump, impact absorbing bumpers can reduce damage in many applications.

Safe-Bump can be attached to the forks (or other impact areas on the forklift) to protect products, warehoused goods, racking, facilities and the forklift itself.

With Safe-Bump, it can take as little as one impact for them to pay for themselves.

  • Protects product, forklift and anything the forklift might hit
  • Can bend 90 to wrap around corners for maximum protection
  • Installation: Simply stick on cleaned and grease-free surfaces
  • Each bumper includes 2 magnets, 3M VHB two-way tape and fork brackets
  • Safe-Bump can be used anywhere on the forklift body to absorb impacts
  • Safe-Bump attaches with two 100lb (45kg) magnets and (VHB) two-way tape
  • The bumpers are made of soft PVC plastic that absorbs energy of impact to prevent damage

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