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Shuntable Trailer Stand

Shuntable Trailer Stand


The Shuntable Trailer Stand, the newest member of our Trailer Stand family, is Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ solution to the danger of having workers on the tarmac level of the dock area during the on/off loading of trailers.

Our Shuntable stand takes a no-boots-on-the-ground approach to safety, ensuring that no worker is in harm’s way from busy dock traffic or at risk from the perils of trailer up-ending or landing gear collapse.

Deployed by shunt truck, this ergonomic wonder is also completely hands-free, meaning there’s no lugging or stress on the worker. Supporting the heaviest of trailers in high-traffic dock environments, the easy-to-deploy Shuntable Trailer Stand is our top-of-the-line safety solution.

Average deployment/retrieval time: 2 min*

*Time measured: Average time to bring stand from stored position to trailer nose; engage; disengage; and move back to stored position.


More details, including technical information, on this product are available on our Distributor’s site.

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