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Our newest dock bumper is a revolution (not to mention an oscillation) in loading dock protection. The SLIDE-effect™ dock bumper absorbs the impact of trailer after trailer reversing into its dock position, and features a built-in sliding mechanism to limit the effect friction and abrasion have on the bumper’s life. With the optional Tilting Bracket, the SLIDE-effect™ can be manufactured with the perfect impact angle for declined docks.

SLIDE-effect™ Patent Pending

As a trailer being loaded moves up and down with the weight of the forklift, the SLIDE-effect™ bumper moves with the trailer without abrasion or wear.

“The result is an ultra-tough, long-lasting bumper that pays for itself in reduced maintenance, consistent protection, minimized dock repairs and reduced dock closures.” (We lost count but... win-win-win-win?)


SLIDE-effects may include:

  • Reduced abrasion
  • Toughest engineered rubber laminate
  • Anchors securely to dock foundation
  • When the time comes (eventually!) bumper pad is replaced in seconds without tools or hassle

Protect against:

  • Dock/concrete damage
  • Dock seal rupture
  • Dock leveler impact
  • Dock downtime



The last bumper you will ever have to install!!

SLIDE-effect™ Bumpers are installed with a permanent wall bracket and require little maintenance.
Still, the day will come, so look to replace when:
• replace the bumper only once the sacrificial aluminum track system has worn thin or when the
bumper is no longer sliding up and down during the loading operation.
Extend the life of your dock equipment and reduce service calls.

More details, including technical information, on this product are available on our Distributor’s site.

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