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Slider Bumpers

Prevent Dock Destruction with virtually indestructible Nytrex™ material: the specially formulated nylon-based material engineered for maximum loading dock protection!

Nytrex™ Slider bumpers move with the trailer!

Premature wear on the face of the bumper is prevented with Nytrex™ Sliders because the Nytrex™ core moves up and down with the action of the trailer. This unique feature uses no complex mechanisms and gives us the confidence to extend product warranties, up to 6 years!

Just Flip It…for up to 2 times the life!

Busy loading docks often find bumpers repeatedly impacted in only a small, consistent area: for example, the top 6”. Dock bumpers typically wear out faster in these spots. Nytrex™ dock bumpers are easy to “flip” and offer up to 2-times the life because a new impact surface is created with each “flip”. Choose the model to best suit your needs.


Solid bumpers. Solid protection. Solid investment.

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