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Air Quality Control (AQC)

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Air Quality Control for Commercial and Industrial Environments.

The air we breathe carries all kinds of particles it would be easier to just not know about. Spiky viruses, creepy bacteria, eye-watering allergens, and we haven’t even mentioned pollutants, soot, exhaust, mold, etc.

Maintaining air quality, particularly in closed, shared environments – like an office, warehouse, or workplace – is an important aspect of employee health, wellness, and comfort. And an investment in an air quality control system is also just good business.

A Harvard University study found:

  • 58% — The number 1 wish in an employee study was for good air quality.
  • 61% increase – cognitive scores soared as a result of improved air quality.
  • 11% increase – improved air quality even has an effect on employee productivity.

As an example of air filtration at work, our AtomikAir industrial Air Quality Control has the power to improve air quality in warehouse-sized applications with high-volume throughput, filtration, destratification, and more.

An Inspiration In Filtration, Purification,
Circulation, And Respiration.

Air quality control systems improve the work environment in a number of ways. In industrial and commercial
indoor settings air can stagnate, while every cough, sneeze, dusty shelf, and puff of exhaust builds up levels of
airborne particles including allergens, viruses, and pollutants.

An effective AQC system will efficiently filter enormous volumes of air for particles as small as .3 µm, maintaining
a fresh environment throughout the day.

  • <1 µm
  • <2.5 µm
  • <10 µm
Human Hair 40-120µm

Frequently Asked Questions

The challenge in a warehouse is the volume of air that needs to be serviced. The AtomikAir Industrial air purifier filters an unmatched amount of air every hour, using a MERV 13 filtration system. The powerful turbine also destratifies temperature gradients that can form in large volume workplaces, helping to significantly lower heating costs.

Choosing the best air purifier for your workspace will eliminate significant amounts of airborne pollen, pollution, bacteria, and viruses. The benefits of this can include workforce wellness and alertness, improved productivity, reduced sick days, and more. In a Harvard University study, improved air quality was the number one wish of employees polled.

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing Filter. A HEPA filter is not just one type of filter, but a filtration standard that can be met by different filtration technologies. The US Department of Energy requires that a HEPA rated filter must capture 99.97 percent of particulates as small as 0.3 microns.

Our JADE2.0 and ONYX air purifiers are HEPA rated filtration solutions for office, medical facilities, retail, condominium, public restrooms, etc. The proprietary HEPA-Rx filters in the JADE2.0 meet or exceed the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007 guidelines for general surgery applications.

Finding the best air purification system for your workplace requires a good understanding of the air volume in the area to be served, along with the rate of air turnover you hope to achieve. Visit our product pages (AtomikAirJADE2.0, ONYX) and try the Air Quality Control calculators to determine the best solution for your space.

Stagnant, uncirculated air builds up with pollutants, toxins, contagions and more. Additionally, uncirculated air stratifies with heated air trapped in the upper strata. An effective air purifier is regularly moving air through the system capturing airborne contaminants and destratifying the air to help reduce heating costs.

Yes! Our HEPA filtration systems are rated to capture most common colds and viruses. Additionally, our UV technology solutions eliminate viruses and bacteria from within.

Yes! Both HEPA and MERV13 filtration systems will meaningfully reduce airborne allergens like pollen and dust. This can help reduce eye and throat irritation, sneezing and other common allergy symptoms.

Let’s Clear The Air. Together.

  • Prevent colds and viruses from spreading
  • Destratisfy air for better temperature control
  • Save on heating & cooling
  • Range of product options
  • Reduce sick days
  • Raise productivity
  • Minimize on-the-job fatigue
  • Quiet and efficient solutions

Air Quality Control Products

1-million cu. ft. per hour


Industrial-strength air quality control.

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6 stages of filtration

Jade 2.0 Commercial Air Filter

Quiet & efficient for office/commercial use.

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Wall-mounted system


Perfect for smaller commercial applications

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Kills viruses & bacteria

UV Air Purification

Create a healthier environment

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Find The Right Air Quality Solution For Your Workspace.