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Block. Don’t Wrap

While the occasional forklift bump is inevitable in a busy warehouse, when it comes to people, structural elements of buildings, racks and assets, the only acceptable level of impact is ZERO. The best guarding strategy in danger zones, is to block the sensitive area with warehouse-tested bollards, railings and guards. For our full guarding story, contact our top sales team.

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A loaded forklift truck can weigh-in at 7 tons or more. You can’t just cushion that blow.

While attaching a shock-absorbing cushion to warehouse racks or structural building columns, is an available guarding strategy, the risk of devastating rack collapse or supporting column failure is significant with that kind of force in play. Ideal Warehouse guarding solutions block sensitive areas to protect against the chance of impact.


Not one, but two, warehouse safety barriers & guarding product line ups combine to offer all-around protection for columns, racks, pedestrian zones and any at-risk areas in your facility.

Warehouse workhorse

Ideal Warehouse guarding systems are engineered to deliver strong protection. All guarding products are bright, safety yellow to help prevent an impact from happening and they’re warehouse tough to protect people, equipment and assets should a bump occur.

Ideal Warehouse. Strength and… more strength

  • Guardrails, Bollards, Column Guards and Rack Guards
  • Protect all at-risk areas in your facility
  • Safety first for people, places and things!

Revolutionary SlowStop® Bollards and Railings are so smart, they even protect themselves.

SlowStop Rebounding Bollards and Flexible Polycarbonate Rail Systems offer an ingenious solution to warehouse vehicle mishaps. Not only do our guarding solutions absorb impact, to protect people and assets, they also offer a softer landing saving warehouse vehicles. AND they look out for themselves, as they are engineered to bounce back, good as new, rarely needing replacement and avoiding costly concrete repairs, common with other guarding options.

SlowStop. First it gives. Then it takes

  • Patented, impact absorbing bollards and rails
  • Protect assets, structures and forklifts
  • Prevent COSTLY concrete damage
  • Bollards absorb and deflect … over and over

For the full StowStop Guarding story click here

Slowstop Guarding Story

The Physics of Impact:
The Ideal Warehouse guarding story

Load-supporting structural columns and warehouse rack supports, are engineered to endure tremendous vertical loads. But, if exposed to a horizontal load, such as a forklift impact, there can be instant, costly and potentially devastating consequences


Warehouse Safety Barriers