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Protecting walkways, equipment, warehoused goods and more.

Anchored in concrete and fashioned from ASTM-A36 structural steel, our single or double-rail, modular solutions are ultra-strong, smart and flexible.
Impact tested for 10,000 lbs @ 4 mph
STANDARDIZED COMPONENTS make the system both versatile and formidable.

  • Two available post heights: 18” (457mm) and 44” (1118mm)
  • Single- or double-rail solutions
  • Modular/replaceable components
  • Removable rails for increased flexibility and temporary access
  • Spring-loaded gate – allows access while prompting a visual check
  • Bright visual presence reduces chance of accident
  • Removable black cap
  • Attachment hardware and anchors, included

GRID: Interactive Designer

Guardrail Interactive Designer lets you plan the perfect guardrail system, with all the components needed!

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