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SlowStop® Guarding

First it Gives. Then it Takes

SlowStop® Guards protect people, assets and structures with a patented energy absorbing system that also protects your forklift and warehouse vehicles.

With specs comparable to fixed bollards and railings, SlowStop® offers a whole new kind of stopping power.

When impacted, fixed bollards and guards can cause severe and costly damage to the concrete in which they’re anchored.

Engineered to absorb impact, SlowStop® bollards and guardrails don’t transfer stress to their anchors. They just bounce back.

SlowStop®‘s 6” (152mm) BOLLARD CAN WITHSTAND THE IMPACT OF A 15,000 LB (6800kg) FORKLIFT TRAVELLING 4.4 MPH (7kph)


The SlowStop® system’s modular approach offers fit-almost-anywhere flexibility. With components that assemble intuitively, the system is a snap to install.

Taking it on the chin

Have a look at a single SlowStop® Bollard in action. It gives, it takes and it pops back into position ready for the next one. Self-preservation… that’s something new in the guarding industry.