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The right (bright) light for a safer loading dock

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The loading dock is among the riskiest areas in any workplace. It’s a hot-spot of forklifts + dockworkers + cargo + timetables all revolving around getting goods in and out of cramped, crowded and unlit trailers. To compound the challenge, the typical loading dock throws in an assortment of blind spots, dark corners, and looming shadows, and if there’s one thing we know, safety doesn’t happen in the dark.


While the solution to ‘dark corners’ may be obvious, choosing the right solution for your dock environment is worthy of a
little consideration. Our rugged and flexible dock-lighting options brighten the path to a safer workplace with a lineup that
includes both standard and LED options, flexible arm-mounted choices, explosion-proof varieties for volatile environments,
and our Heavy-Duty LED workhorses available in both standalone and arm-mounted configurations.

See all the ways we can help you shine a little light on safety.

Is it lights out for
incandescent bulbs?

In the modern loading dock, the development of LED lighting options has done more than just brighten dark corners. LED solutions offer advantages in energy savings, economy, flexibility, and durability over outdated incandescent options.

LEDs vs. Incandescent lighting:

  • LEDs use up to 94% less energy
  • LEDs last up to 25 times longer
  • LEDs are cool to the touch and safe in volatile environments
  • LEDs are rugged and impact resistant

LED Bulb vs.
LED Module

LED lighting options have advanced rapidly, and the evolution to
multi-LED emitter modules offers a range of efficiency, and
performance benefits.

RELIABILITY – Though a single LED emitter (or bulb) will likely outlast 25 incandescent bulbs, if it should fail, you’re left with a darkened dock. In most cases, if a single emitter in an LED Module fails, the other emitters will continue to operate, avoiding any downtime

PERFORMANCE – LED modules deliver flexible illumination. An LED Module with multiple emitters offers significant advantages over any single bulb system. With control over the optics of individual bulbs, LED Modules offer flexible illumination, beam width, and light intensity options that neither single LED nor incandescent bulbs can match.

PCB (Board) – In the event of an LED PCB (board) failure, a technician can often simply replace the board rather than replacing the entire module.

Lighting The Way

Our Dock Lighting Lineup

Integrated LED Dock Light Arms

Integrate. Illuminate. Navigate.

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Heavy Duty LED Dock Lights

Rugged LED performers.

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Flexible Dock Lights

Multi-directional flexible arm.

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Extreme Condition Dock Light

For volatile, wet, or extreme conditions

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Standard LED Dock Light

Multi-purpose and economical.

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Standard Dock Lights

Non-LED lighting options.

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Single Swing Arm

Single-strut mount option.

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Dock Fans

Cooling fan add-ons.

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Dock Lights & Fans Accessories

Replacement parts & options.

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