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Person operating trailer stand


Safety has a leg to stand on



When ‘spotted’ on landing gear, for loading and unloading, transport trailers present a critical safety risk. Stressed by the combined weight of cargo and forklifts, trailers can up-end, or landing gear can collapse, creating potentially devastating situations for workers caught within.

Trailer stability is affected by a complex relationship involving number of axles, trailer weight, landing gear placement, weight & placement of cargo, weight & position of forklift and more.


When the cab disengages from the trailer, the trailer is at risk of collapse unless a secondary support system is utilized. For strength and support, Ideal Warehouse’s line up of portable Trailer Stands can be easily placed under a trailer’s front end to help prevent mishap and tragedy.

Image of trailer being supported by trailer stand
Image from under trailer
trailer with stand

Prevent Trailer Mishap – Simply!

Prevent trailer

Prevent trailer

Prevent landing
gear collapse

Prevent landing gear collapse

Prevent injury

Prevent injury

Meet Our Trailer Stand Family

Shunt-truck deployed. No delay!


Shuntable Trailer Stand


Our no-boots-on-the-ground safety solution.

Extra-wide, extra-easy support.

AutoStand Wide Trailer Stand

AutoStand Wide

Quick-to-position, ergonomic, and strong.

Our traditional Trailer Stands.

AutoStand Plus & AutoStand Trailer Stands

AutoStand Plus & AutoStand

Strong support. Simply.

For light-traffic docks.

Two-Post Trailer Stand

Two-Post Trailer Stand

Strong, economical support.

Manage your dock efficiency with just the right trailer stand for your needs.

FeaturesShuntableAutoStand WideAutoStand PlusAutoStandTwo-Post
100,000 lbs ratingYesYesYesYesYes
Quick & easy to deployYesYesYesYes
Ergonomic, stress-free designYesYesYes
For high traffic docksYesYesYes
Safest “side-to-side” full-load supportYesYes
“No boots on the ground” complete safetyYes

Trailer Stand White Paper

Click here to download our Trailer Stand White Paper

Trailer Stand White Paper Manual
Trailer Jack Alert

Trailer Jack Alert

It is a dangerously common practice to use a trailer maintenance jack in lieu of a trailer stand. Because a trailer jack can be lowered even if trailer landing gear has failed, the dock worker is at deadly risk from trailer tip over. Jacks should only be used for the maintenance/tire change operations for which they are designed and should never be used in place of a trailer stand.

Need a Trailer Jack for Maintenance?